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COLOR TEST! What color did you see first?-Color Meaning-

Black: Protection, Dramatic, Serious, Formality, secretive, death, mystery, strength, authority, pensive, classy, deep thinker, wavers from extremely confidence in some aspect to massively insecure in other regards, clever, witty, brilliant (in most cases), successful, superior, invigorating, independent, more logical than emotional, faithful but can cut cords easily, deep, analytical, protective.

Blue: Calm, loyal, security, trusting, intelligent, aloof, fearful, mundane, tranquility seeker, loyal.

Brown: Friendly, down-to-earth, active, conservative, dogmatic, stable, simple, intelligent, cautious, abrupt, personable, loyal, logical over emotional, appeaser.

Gold: Wealth, prosperous, valuable, very quick, traditional, dreamer, wise, very friendly and personable without every revealing too much about themselves, grounded, brilliant, sharp, confident, sensitive, very strong and bold. Out spoken and opinionated while being very open-minded, loyal and faithful, reliable, independent, solid, courageous, focused, determine, picky, attractive physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually… equally logical with emotional.

Grey: Secure, intelligent, solid, conservative, gloomy…

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